OpenRMA Repair Centre Features

RMA Forms Printing

Print RMA forms (Letter, A4 and A5 paper size), tickets on thermal printers, label stickers and parcel labels with your own terms and conditions for your customer to sign and accept your terms.

Online Repair Status Check

Give your customers the ability to Create and Request a new RMA into your system before they bring the product for repair. Also the customers can check the status of the repair and the notes you write in it.

Inventory Management

Add, manage, import and keep stock for your products and parts available to add to your RMA Repairs.

Export to Excel

Export your all or filtered Repairs to Microsoft Excel for further processing and filtering based on your business needs.

Advanced Reporting

With our advanced reporting system you can display, print or export to pdf, image or excel file your repairs. It help you to get the big picture of your repair business.

SMS & Email Notifications

You can send SMS messages or Email messages as products being repaired or serviced through each process step.

Key-features Overview


Import and Manage your customers, see all the Repairs for the same customer with ease.


Create, Manage, Track, Print, Email and proccess any aspect of the repair proccess.


Add all your products, parts, labour items into the inventory and use then inside the RMAs.


Manage, track registered warranties and assing Warranty Status to each RMA Repair.


Diplay, Print and Email advanced reportings and get the Big Picture of your repair business.

Status Check

Your customers have the ability to check the status of their repair and read the notes.

Excel Export

Export to excel and further filter and proccess the exported repairs at your will.


Our multi-language software is already translated to 14 languages. Including yours.


Create multiple Technicians and assign permissions on them so you can have total control of your techs.


You can have multiple branches and multiple locations in a simple database and manage your stores.

Cloud or Local

You can have your data saved on your local computer, server or we can offer you a cloud database.

Batch Editing

Edit your multiple RMAs at once and print Packing lists for your supplier shipment.


Attach any kind of file to your RMA Repairs for example product photos, warranty plans etc.


Print serial barcodes or parcel labels to stick on your products or shipping boxes.

Phone History

Phone log system to save all communication history with the customer for easy reference.

Custom Work

We can customize our software to fit your business workflow or Add additional functionality.

Custom Fields

We have many customization fields and dropdown menus to keep any custom data you need.