Software for Repair Centers. Computer Repair Shop Software, Mobile Repair shop Software and any kind of repair shop.

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All-in-one software for any kind of repair business.

Software for Repair Centers

OpenRMA repair tracking software system for repair shops. Computer repair shop software. Mobile repair software and any kind of service shop like Cell Phone Repair Shop, Bike repair software, Jewelry repair software, Watch repair software, Cameras repair software and more. No internet required, no monthly and annual fees. One time payment only and you get lifetime software license use.

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Repair Services Management

Customers, Repairs, RMA Services, Inventory & More

You save customers, RMA Repair Services, Pictures, Attachments, Notifications and more with several fields such as Problem Description, Item Condition (e.g. scratched, damaged), including Accessories (charger, battery and more) also you can add attachments. Correspond  RMA to clients and view all RMA’s for a particular client easily.

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Drop-In Forms

Print any Paper Size Forms US Letter, A4, A5, Thermal Roll with your own Terms of Services

After Filling in all the information about your RMA Services, you can print Drop-In and Check-out forms from a range of Paper Sized such as US Letter, A4, A5 and Receipt Printer Paper so that your customers can Sign and comply with your terms. Really useful in cases where things go wrong and you have a complaining customer.

Price and Editions

Our software comes in 3 different versions. Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition. The features of each version shown bellow in the comparison table. This will save you money so you don't have to pay for features that you don't need.



Free Trial for 7 Days

  • Trial License for 7 Days
  • Print Drop-In Forms
  • Generate Unique S/N
  • Multi Language UI
  • Time Tracking Billing
  • Add File Attachments
  • Limited Support
  • No Updates
  • GDPR Compliant

One Man Army



249,90£ Now 149,90£

  • License for 1 PC
  • Print Drop-In Forms
  • 1Year Standard Support
  • 1 Year Updates
  • Generate Unique S/N
  • Multi Language UI
  • Time Tracking Billing
  • Add File Attachments
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Multi User Environment
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Multi Products in RMA
  • Inventory Management

Repair Centers



649.90£ Now 499.90£

  • License for 5 PCs
  • Custom Drop-In Forms
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • 1/Y Updates/Upgrades
  • Generate Unique S/Ns
  • Export RMA to MS Excel
  • Multi Language Package
  • Add Time Tracking Bill
  • Add File Attachments
  • Multi User Environment
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Multi Shop Environment
  • Multi Products in RMA
  • Batch RMA Editing
  • Supplier Packing List
  • Inventory Management
  • SMS Text Notifcations
  • Email Text Notifcations
  • Custom Color Statuses
  • Automated Backups
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Batch Repair Editing
  • Batch Suppliers Packing List Printings
  • Online Status Check Portal Services

Frequently asked questions

Where can I download OpenRMA?

Except our Demo version of software that can be downloaded on links on this website, all other versions (Standard, Professional and Enterprise) will be available for download after purchase from the customer area panel. From My Services and Products section click on your product and hit the download button.

The price is one-time payment or a Monthly/Annual subscription?

Our windows desktop versions are one time payment. You buy once and you own the license to use the software forever for your computer. Our cloud (web version) software is charged for a fixed monthly fee and charged annualy.

Where can I find the User Manual?

The documentation and user manual of the OpenRMA Software is available both in PDF file included with your purchase and online on this website on the main menu. Hover your mouse on Support Menu link and choose “Documentation”. We are also provide remote support via online remote tools such as Teeamviewer or Anydesk.

The software is Desktop or Cloud?

Our software is a windows executable program that can be installed and managed in any windows computer installation (Physical or Virtual on other platforms). We will soon introduce a web version of our desktop software that you can manage it from a web browser but with limited functionality.

Team behind OpenRMA

OpenRMA Service Tracking and Management Software has been created by people with great experience in IT, PC & Mobile Service industry. Consequently, our team knows exactly what these people need most from a software like this.


Lead Software Developer

Lead Software Developer. John is behind this simple yet valuable software for Technicians and Professionals.


User Experience / Beta Tester

Smith is our Blind Beta Tester brings us useful debugging information for our Software.


Public Relations / Financial

Mary is OpenRMA’s public relations and financial manager. She manages all the advertising and banking related tasks.

  • The developers at Open RMA are super fast at responding to inquiries, and they were amazingly helpful and quick in regards to customizing the software to meet our specific needs! Software is easy to use, and has all the features we were looking for in a repair tracking program.

  • OpenRMA is an amazing piece of kit. It does exactly what you what it to do and captures every piece of information you could ask for.

  • The software are very easy to install and use. I warmly recommend openRMA and its developers

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