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OpenRMA is committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and providing our clients with tools to help them comply.

This page is about how OpenRMA is compliant in our relationship with you (our users). If you are looking for information on how we help you be compliant with respect to your customers, please visit the page GDPR - Your Business and Your Customers.

Enabling GDPR Functionality

Please note that certain GDPR features must be enabled in order to be seen and used on our OpenRMA Cloud Platform. To enable, please go to Settings > GDPR Support and check-mark the box “Enable GDPR Support,” then click Save.

Specific and Unbundled Consent

We are careful to respect your desire to be marketed to or not. If you feel you are receiving marketing communication that you did not consent to, please contact us so we can address it immediately by emailing us to

Data Portability

We make it easy to download a portable copy of your data. Just email us at and we'll send you a copy electronically.

Right to Erasure

We accommodate your right to erasure via a support ticket. Please contact us at to submit a request.

Subprocessors and Subcontractors

What is a subprocessor? A subprocessor is a third party data processor engaged by OpenRMA, who has or potentially will have access to or process service data (which may contain personal data). OpenRMA engages different types of subprocessors to perform various functions as explained below. OpenRMA refers to third parties that do not have access to or process service data but who are otherwise used to provide the Services as “subcontractors” and not subprocessors.


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Google Cloud Platform - Cloud Service Provider - Privacy Shield

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