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Why IMC Service Repair Shop choose OpenRMA Repair Centre Software to Manage their Repair Stores

Why IMC Service Repair Shop choose OpenRMA Repair Centre Software to Manage their Repair Stores

In the last four years IMC Service has managed to create three branches in different cities and to employ more and more staff. Smith, the owner of IMC Service Stores, believes that the key to success is the way he manages the customers’ services. He can handle all the repairs and the RMA Services very well thanks to OpenRMA Repair Centre Software.

Starting from scratch

After studying computer science, Smith opened his own Computer and Mobile Repair Store called IMC Service. In an effort to offer even better services to his customers and to help them keep track of their services, he searched for a Software that does exactly this job. Unfortunately, he found out that the options available were either inadequate or very expensive. This way, Smith realized that market lacks software at an affordable price that repair shops can use to make their job easier and more efficient.  He shared his idea with his friend and colleague, John who undertook to create this software. Thus, OpenRMA was created.

OpenRMA was created to respond to the real problems and difficulties faced by a Mobile and Computer Repair Shops. It can serve all the needs that may arise and is constantly updated so that it always meets the customers’ new needs.

Suitable even for those who aren’t very familiar with technology

When Smith’s clientele grew, he had to open new Repair Shops, so he hired new staff. Among the new employees were the managers of the new branches. One candidate for the position, George, was very communicative and had skills in managing many tasks at the same time but was not very familiar with technology. Mike overlooked this weakness and chose him for the job as he knew that OpenRMA was created to facilitate people who do not have special skills in technology to do their job properly and quickly. George immediately learned how to use OpenRMA Repair Shop Software and make it a tool to optimize his efficiency as a Service Store Manager.

OpenRMA helps you be in charge

Smith needed more structure in his business than just the basic store services., as well. He wanted to offer all possible services to his clients with his Repair Shop Software. IMC Stores using OpenRMA can cover every need a customer may have from booking online appointments for repair to checking the repair status online via a customer portal.

“Setting up an online RMA Repair appointment booking system, having custom integrations in real- time and managing repairs better than any other software i have used before, are some of my favorite things about OpenRMA Repair Centre Software.”

More than just a Repair Software

Smith loves everything about his new Repair Shop Software as it helps him deal with all his operational headaches and gives him information about where his business stands. It offers so much more than any other POS he has worked with and he’s making the most out of it.

“We had an ordinary repair management software and it was giving us the opportunity to do nothing more than standard repair ticketing functions. It was not at all helping us bring any business. But OpenRMA is not just a POS, it also offers you a CRM functions and that is exactly what I needed for my business.”

“OpenRMA has helped me grow my business. I like how you guys are going and if you keep at it, OpenRMA will do great, let’s put it that way!”


If you are also struggling with your repair shop software that keeps you and your business limited, OpenRMA is the right choice for you. You can use it to grow your repair business. OpenRMA also comes with a free data migration service. So, you won’t lose your records. Choose OpenRMA and let us help you with all the troubles your business may have.