OpenRMA Cloud Edition On Premises Software (Desktop Edition) for Small to Medium and Large businesses that needs advanced features and bulk automation
Cloud Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
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£199.90 /Year
Was £249.90
£149.90 /one-time
Was £449.90
£349.90 /one-time
Was £649.90
£499.90 /one-time
License keys included 1 1 3 5
  Additional keys available
Extra license keys purchase
  Custom print forms
Custom print forms
1 Year Free Support Phone Support Ticketing Support Live Chat Support Phone Support
  1 Year Free Updates
1 Year Free Updates ✔ Always Latest Same version only ✔ Any version ✔ Any version
  Export to Excel
Export to Excel
  Multi-User Environment
Multi-User Environment
  Access Roles & Perimissions
Roles & Perimissions
  Number of technicians
Number of technicians ✔ Unlimited
(Subscription Based)*
1 technician ✔ Unlimited technicians ✔ Unlimited technicians
  Multiple Location Support
Multiple Location Support
  Inventory Management
Inventory Management
  SMS & Email Notifications*
SMS & Email Notifications**
  Packing list printing
Packing list printing
  Batch eepair editing
Batch repair editing
Reports and Forms Designer
Payments and Balances
  Online repair status check
Online repair status check**